Meet The Herd


Paint/Percheron cross born in 2004. Chico stands 15.2 hands and is a PMU rescue. He works in our therapeutic riding program.


An older donkey who is a quiet and thoughtful addition to our herd. Favorite friend of all his equine colleagues. 


Appendix Quarter Horse born in 1997. Colby stands 15.2 hands and works in our therapeutic riding program.


Halflinger born in 2005. Dually stands 13.3 hands tall. Dually works in our therapeutic riding program.


Born in 2010 and standing an impressive 32 inches tall, Gambit works in our un-mounted programs.


Born in 2009 and standing 32 inches tall, Godiva works alongside her mini herdmates in our un-mounted programs.


Born in 2001, Irish is the eldest mini, also standing 32 inches tall. Irish works in our un-mounted programs both in collaboration with her fellow minis, with our larger horses, or independently.


Part Arabian, Montana is over 30 years old. He stands 15.1 hands tall. Montana works in our unmounted programs and is best buddies with Pony.


A stunning 15 year old black Tennessee Walking Horse that stands 16 hands. Onyx works in our unmounted programs.


Palomino pony over 30 years old. Pony worked for several years in our therapeutic riding program and now works in our unmounted programs. ​


Welsh Pony cross born in 2000. Tommy stands 13.2 hands tall and works in our therapeutic riding program.


Quarter Horse born in 2001. Winston stands 16 hands tall.  Winston works in our therapeutic riding program and is a fantastic match for riders who are working to go off lead.


Thoroughbred born in 2010. Duke is a very outgoing and engaging guy and is now the youngest horse in our herd.

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