Topfield Equestrian Center
2021 Policies

Age Requirement:  The minimum age to participate in therapeutic riding is 4 years old.  Participation in other programs offered by Topfield Equestrian Center is dependent upon the suitability of that activity for the individual.  There is no upper age restriction to be accepted into the program. 

Weight Requirement: Under the advisement of our veterinarian, Topfield’s Therapeutic Riding program has a 200lb weight limit in effect for all mounted activities.  All clients are required to be weighed annually to ensure that we are providing the optimal lesson environment for them, our horses and our volunteers. Alternative ground-based programming will be offered for those that exceed the 200lb weight limit. 


Attendance:  In order to fully achieve the benefits of therapeutic horsemanship, consistent attendance is necessary.  In the event a class is cancelled or a client cannot attend a lesson, there are no make-up lessons offered. (We will allow for two "free misses" per calendar year by the client. These "free misses" will be credited towards the client account.  After two "free misses", there will be no credit applied to the client account due to client cancellations.) If Topfield deems it necessary to cancel a lesson due to weather or other issues, the client will not be billed for that cancelled lesson and will receive a credit in the amount of the missed lesson towards future lessons.  If you are running late for your lesson, your instructor will allow you to participate if you arrive within 15 minutes of the lesson start time.   Please CALL 845 265 3409 as soon as you know that you cannot attend or are running late.  


Cancellation/Ground Lesson Substitution Policies: Topfield will not hold riding lessons if it is colder than 30 degrees on our Center thermometer OR if the heat index is above 180. (Temperature plus humidity).  If the weather is acceptable but the temperature  will not allow for mounted lessons, and does not impede staff/volunteer or client ability to arrive at Topfield, Topfield reserves the right to substitute an un-mounted lesson in lieu of riding for the lesson/date in question. Whenever possible, Topfield will contact clients ahead of time to notify them if their lesson will be un-mounted.


 Attire:  Participants should dress appropriately for the weather and always wear long pants (even during the summer months), with sturdy-soled boots or shoes with a ¼ inch heel.  Jackets and gloves are required during cold weather.  All riders will also be required to wear an ASTM approved helmet, within 5 years of the manufacture date. Helmets must be properly secured at all times when mounted, and during unmounted activities if deemed necessary by the instructor responsible for the class.  Helmets may be purchased by the individual or will be provided by the center. 


Fees and Payment: Payment is due in full prior to the start of each session. Invoices for each Session are sent approximately two weeks prior to the start of the Session.