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Because we serve vulnerable populations and are concerned for everyone’s safety while at Topfield Equestrian Center, we strongly encourage all staff, volunteers, and clients to maintain current vaccination for COVID-19 if you are medically able to do so.


➢ We require proof of vaccination for any staff member or volunteer with consistent, direct client-contact.

○ If you are unable to be vaccinated and serve in a client-serving role, you must provide us with appropriate medical documentation from your physician.

➢ We require unvaccinated people to remain masked at all times in any indoor spaces (not including barn or arena) for the duration of work/volunteer time or client service, except when alone in a closed office or when eating or drinking for a limited time.

➢ We encourage our staff, volunteers, and clients to voluntarily test themselves before coming to the Center for work or service on at least a weekly basis.


➢ We strongly recommend you stay home and let us know if you feel unwell or are experiencing symptoms of any illness.

○ Please inform us if you have tested positive for COVID and you have recently been at Topfield Equestrian Center.

○ We require any person experiencing symptoms of illness to test negative for COVID before their next arrival at Topfield. (FDA-approved home test is acceptable.)

➢ Masking and testing requirements at Topfield may change at the discretion of the Executive Director based on individual circumstances, current local COVID data, and NY state or CDC mandates/guidelines.

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